Yes, the palette supposedly approved by the Queen of Contour herself – for those of you who aren’t aware, it’s Kim Kardashian. However, is it really worth the hype?

Now, I will admit that I’m not really big on cream contour. I’ll use it, but I much prefer powder because I feel like it gives a much more natural look and is the better option for people like me, who have very oily skin – plus it’s much easier to use, especially if you’re a beginner. However, I went ahead and purchased this palette because I really wanted to see what all of the hype was about.

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I bought the ‘Contour Original’ compact which is the sort of mini version of the two palettes available. The ‘Contour Original’ palette has shades for pale to olive skin, all of which are quite peachy toned. And the ‘Contour Two’ palette, which claims to be universal in that it carries yellow, pink and neutral undertones, accommodates shades from pale to dark. (However, these too look quite peachy, especially the darker shades.)

So, the original palette really is ‘compact’, size wise, and retails for £28, with the larger palette retailing at £42. In the compact version, each pan is 3g and for the larger, each one is 5g. Price wise, it’s very similar to the ABH contour kit which contains 4.5g pans and retails for £39. For me, that’s quite a lot of money.

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The overall packaging is chic and simplistic (things that I find aesthetically pleasing when it comes to packaging.) The one issue with it, however,  is that it’s white. So once you get the product all over your hands, it’s probably not going to look as nice anymore.


VSCO Cam-1.jpg


I cannot fault the formula for this palette, the product is super creamy, super blendable and super pigmented. I applied this product onto my face with a concealer brush and blended it out with a beauty blender. Immediately, I found it so comfortable to wear and noticed that it did not slide around. The coverage, particularly under the eye, is excellent and after setting/baking the product, it didn’t crease until 7+ hours of wearing. But, like all makeup, it will eventually crease, so this is definitely expected.

However, the one thing which let this product down is the actual contour colours. As you can see from the swatches, the shades are extremely warm and have a very pink/peachy tone to them. Like many bloggers and YouTubers, I like my contour to carry grey tones because contouring is essentially accentuating the shadows of your face, and shadows are not brown. In my opinion, the darker shades are too warm and don’t make for a good, natural looking contour. However, if warmer colours work for you, or you’re going for a super bronzed look, this palette is perfect.

The only shade that I know I will reach for again out of the six, mostly likely because it’s the only shade that actually works for me, is the lower left highlight colour. It’s a yellow based highlight colour, which is perfect for my skin. The other highlighting colours in the palette are either too pink or too dark.


Like most products, this palette has it’s pros and cons. Whilst the formula is definitely a pro, the shades let it down. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this item as it’s just too warm for me. Maybe if they eventually sold individual shades, or made a palette with more grey toned contour colours? So for now, I’m going to say forget it. But this is a new brand and a new product; there’s so much room to develop and there’s nothing to say they won’t be serious contenders in the very near future.


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