‘Tis the season for chapped lips. I wear a ridiculous amount of liquid/matte lipsticks, so with the cold weather, here’s a list of my absolute favourite lip balms that I highly recommend for (but not limited to) the festive season.

At the top of my list are the Burt’s Bees Lip Balms (£3.99 each) – I’ve used these for years and they never fail me! They sit at the pricier end of the spectrum, but are worth every penny. Each scent has different properties so whatever your lips need, you can buy the one most suitable. Or, if you’re like me, you can collect them purely based on scent. My most recent purchase from Burt’s Bees is the Limited Edition Gingersnap flavour and I can’t get enough of it!


Next up are the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balms (£1.99 each)- I apologise for the state of these, but I use them on a daily basis! I tend to use these before applying liquid/matte lipsticks because I find my lips soak them up faster (if that makes sense) and they stop my lips from drying out. The dark chocolate flavour actually tastes of dark chocolate too, so that earns them some extra points!


EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms (£6.50) – I wish these weren’t so expensive in the UK! ButI still repurchase them because I love them and they smell amazing! When I’m not wearing lipstick, I keep one of these in my bag and use it during the day to keep my lips hydrated. (Flavours from left to right: Sweet Mint, Passionfruit, Summer Fruit & Blueberry Acai.)


These next two products are balms that I use if my lips get really chapped and sore:

Most of the time I will reach for my Carmex Mint Lip Balm (£) I absolutely love this stuff because it works so quickly to hydrate yours lip and the mint soothes them and makes them feel refreshed!


I’ll reach for my Nivea SOS Lip Balm – It has a muted minty smell and feels refreshing when you apply it. It doesn’t work as quickly as the Carmex, but still soothes and moisturises! (I’m not sure how much this one is, because I couldn’t find it anywhere! A very similar product is the Nivea Soothe and Protect which retails for £2.70 at the drugstore.)


I know this isn’t lip balm, but it’s still part of my lip care regimen. When I need to exfoliate my lips, I always, always, always reach for my LUSH Lip Scrub (£5.50) in my favourite flavour, Mint Julips (yes, I bought this because the Great Gatsby is my favourite book). The lip scrubs taste delicious, but that’s probably because they’re made up of mostly castor sugar (which is also a reason why you shouldn’t exfoliate your lips with this too often, as it can get quite coarse).


What are your absolute favourite lip care products?


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