I’ve been pretty excited to get my hands on these, as I’ve heard great things about them! I purchased four of them from Beauty Bay: Adorable, Loved, Emotion and Gorgeous.

I’m such a fan of the packaging, they look way more expensive than what they actually are! The formula is amazing, it’s not too thick and not too thin and it dries completely matte – the dream! For all of the swatches, I only had to dip in once too get full coverage! In terms of wear time, I feel they’re very similar to colour pop lipsticks, however, they’re nowhere near as drying! As for the smell, (except for one), they smell just like vanilla frosting! It’s probably for the best that these don’t taste good, because I’d most likely end up eating most of them!


I absolutely love this colour – it’s a perfect, nude, everyday shade! It looks quite pinky in the tube, however it’s more of a brown-toned nude, which is probably why I love it so much! Whenever I want a really natural look, I will reach for this colour!


Another colour which is definitely Loved by me – I feel like it’s one of those colours that just looks good on everyone. This shade has made it’s way into my staple collection, I cannot stop wearing it – there isn’t one thing I dislike about it! On top of this, I also think it’s great dupe for Colourpop’s Bumble and Kylie Cosmetics’ Kristen – both of which are very hard for us in the UK to get hold of!


Yet another colour I’m in love with! I feel I don’t own enough deep toned liquid lipsticks, so I’m thrilled this one is starting off my collection! I’ve worn this on a few nights out and gotten so many compliments on it! A new favourite in my liquid lipstick collection!


I hate that I have to give this one a bad review, because I want to love it so badly. But, I’m so disappointed! Don’t get me wrong, I think the colour is gorgeous (I love my berry tones!) and the formula seems to be of the same consistency, perhaps a little patchier? However, the smell of this lipstick is so off-putting. In comparison to the others, it smells stale and makes me feel nauseous. I haven’t worn this one at all (I only wore it to swatch it and rubbed it off straight away!) just incase something was wrong with it and it was off.


I think I would definitely purchase more of the Milani liquid lipsticks, as aside from the last colour, I absolutely love the other three! I just hope I don’t have a bad experience with future ones, like I did with Gorgeous.

Have you experienced this with Milani liquid lipsticks or any of their other shades? If not, have you tried their liquid lipsticks and what’s your opinion?



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